« A serious game for learning and improving operational fluency in aeronautics ! »

gameboard level4bust
gameboard level4bust
All radio operators must have a minimum ICAO level 4 in English and must undertake English training to maintain this level.

gameboard level4bust Outside “standard phraseology” emphasis should be focussed on the use of plain ENGLISH and clarity of presentation, avoiding the use of abbreviations and contractions where plain language would be more easily understood. LEVEL4 BUST is a quick thinking fast speaking interaction game to teach, practice and improve operational fluency. With easy, familiar, unusual, difficult, funny and unfamiliar vocabulary this is the perfect activity to learn, revise, practice, maintain, extend and improve your English level in standard phraseology and the use of plain English in non-standard situations.

gameboard level4bust LEVEL4 BUST game is very flexible and adaptable to all levels. With over 530 words related and associated to flight operations these can be studied individually as vocabulary or best of all played in pairs or groups where teams compete with each other focussing only on general vocabulary or specific topics such as weather, medical emergencies, technical problems, situations diverse, abbreviations and even phrasal verbs.

« The fun excitement challenge and interaction begin with the very first card read. »

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