LEVEL4 BUST - The Game

The instruction booklet gives suggestions and alternative games for playing depending on your level, number of people and specific objectives. Regardless of how you begin it will not be long before you will want to compete and play the full 3 rounds game.

« The fun excitement challenge and interaction begin with the very first card read. »

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How to play ?

The full game is played in 3 parts. For each correct response the player progresses accordingly on the gameboard. The main objective is to get from “DEPARTURE to ARRIVAL” before your rival teams while encountering vocabulary and comprehension questions, standard phraseology, challenges, problems and bonuses en route. When the full game, consisting of all 3 rounds, has been played new vocabulary is selected and play continues as before.

Order LEVEL4BUST and cruise to a new level in oral proficiency in aeronautics

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FREE download LEVEL4BUST iPhone app.
Hurry, it's fun to play and get a feeling for what the board game is all about.
ATTENTION Aviation Connoisseurs.The BEST is getting BETTER. FREE download Advanced Vocabulary Pack from our LEVEL4BUST website. Delightfully challenging.
Sebastien Dubois
Just achieved my ICAO level 5 and l can honestly say LEVEL4BUST really helped me with vocabulary, oral proficiency and interaction. Just waiting for the new additions to continue maintaining and improving my English. THANKS it's a great learning reqource.
Carmen GALLI
Thanks James for introducing me to Level4bust. We've just played it here in Brazil and my students loved it. A very succesfull class for everyone.
Corentin (1st year engineering student)
Fasten your seatbelts, we're about to play LEVEL4BUST. SHEER VOCABULARY
l use the game to practice my spelling, pronunciation and geography.
Turlier English Teacher
Helps reinforce and memorize vocabulary.
Good for accuracy and pronunciation.
Helps with improvisation and great for developing interaction and teamwork.
Challenging and dynamic.
Heiva ATC
Played it a lot and still learning new words!!! Funny and entertaining.
Maxime R. ATC
heard a lot of talk about L4B and finally got to play it.It's serious fun, well done.
Thinking Speaking & Interaction all in one
Such a pleasant game ! I need another one for grammar, and one for tenses and... No ? What a pity ! Anyway, it's brilliant.
Can't wait to buy the first edition, when is it available? contact me.
learning while having fun, real vocabulary progress.
The best way to learn aeronautical vocabulary! a real good game!
I tested it too ! Nothing more to say, it's a real good game.I'm looking foward the final version of it ;-)
Stephanie Mariani
Very good game and very funny... I tested it 3 times already. A good easy way to learn and to remember vocabulary. Thank you James.
Grégory Delattre
I tested it. It's really fun. I think it's the best way to practice and improve your aeronautical and general english.
James Grant
a musthave for oral proficiency and interaction
Xavier Cotton
Very pleasant and professional game
Lance Kramer
Serious English, serious fun !
Great game ! Loved it !
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